Orionis Presents at CNN’s Life Itself Conference

A new attack on cancer – Life Itself, 2022

The first description of cancer in human history can be found in an ancient Egyptian medical text known as the Edwin Smith Papyrus. Yet almost 4,000 years later, cancer continues to plague humankind. What have we learned in the last millennia and where do we go from here?

Orionis Chief Data Scientist Riccardo Sabatini presented at CNN’s Life Itself 2022 Conference, an event celebrating the minds and ideas at the intersection of health and medicine. In the video below, he dives into the arc of cancer research and how it has led us to a fundamental understanding of the complex interaction between cancer and the immune system.

Today, Orionis’ A-Kine™ platform has the potential to harness what we know about cancer immunology to create a new class of powerful and highly selective medicines to treat this challenging disease.