Achieving precision and expanding diversity in drug modes of action to advance novel therapeutic possibilities and improve efficiencies in drug development.

The development of medicines that modulate relevant disease targets with precision is a fundamental objective in drug discovery. Drug effectiveness (or therapeutic index) is a measure of a drug’s composite ON-Target (desired) vs. OFF-Target (not desired) activities. We have evolved a portfolio of molecular interaction technologies to gain insights into drug mechanisms of action and to leverage such insights in the rational development of drugs with ON-Target-focused activity. We apply these principles to the design of small molecule (chemical) and large molecule (protein-based) therapeutics and are pioneering the engineering of agents with uniquely designed functionalities for targeted modulation and reprogramming of disease-promoting cell-to-cell and intra-cell signaling networks. Examples of such drug modalities include A-Kine™ biologics and Allo-Glue™ small molecules.

Our strategy integrates multiple advances in molecular and cellular interaction discovery technologies, protein engineering and genome-scale mapping of cellular fingerprints of drug interactions with relational data science, machine learning and structure/activity-based design of drug ligand-protein interactions. The result is a highly flexible and unique drug discovery engine that enables rational drug design with enhanced visibility into and understanding of drug modes of action, as well as novel access to therapeutic target diversity that includes targets previously thought unapproachable.

By merging target-agnostic and high throughput discovery approaches, we continuously advance and integrate efficiencies to empower accelerated discovery timelines and reduce overall pipeline development costs. Our substantial pipeline of first-in-class preclinical drug candidates for cancer immunotherapies and our strategic research and development partnerships reflect the promise of our approaches and R&D technology platforms.

Orionis Technology Platforms

Integrate high throughput drug discovery and tailored design of therapeutic agents through insights into drug modes of action and drug interactions across a complexity of ~20,000 proteins and hundreds of cell types encoded by the human genome: a shift towards genome-scale drug discovery with enhanced target visibility and precision.

Limited target visibility

Agent binds Primary Target () but may not be effective therapeutically. Limited visibility into activities towards Secondary Targets, direct or indirect, limits drug design & optimization

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Enhanced target visibility

Discovery and understanding of activities of agent towards Secondary Targets () enables a perspective on impacted signaling networks and facilitates drug design strategies

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Rational drug design

Optimization for desired interactions and tuning out undesired cross-reactivities. Network connections activated for effective therapeutic signaling

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