Orionis Biosciences Secures $55 Million Financing to Support Advancement into Clinic

October 19, 2022, BOSTON, MA and GHENT, Belgium – Orionis Biosciences, a life sciences company pioneering innovation of highly selective and tunable therapeutics for cancer and beyond, today announced it has completed a $55 million financing round and expanded its team, naming Robert Petit, Ph.D., as Senior Vice President, Early Clinical Development and Bihua Chen…

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Orionis Presents at CNN’s Life Itself Conference

The first description of cancer in human history can be found in an ancient Egyptian medical text known as the Edwin Smith Papyrus. Yet almost 4,000 years later, cancer continues to plague humankind. What have we learned in the last millennia and where do we go from here? Orionis Chief Data Scientist Riccardo Sabatini presented…

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Orionis Biosciences Debuts with Major Pharmaceutical Collaboration to Tackle Industry’s Most Challenging Protein Targets

March 5, 2020, Boston (MA, US), Ghent (Belgium) – Orionis Biosciences is today debuting with the announcement of a major drug discovery collaboration with Novartis. Orionis has developed innovative technologies in genome-scale drug discovery and tunable molecular design of novel therapeutic drug modalities to tackle the industry’s most intractable disease targets. The goal of the…

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